Living like a local

When you stay at The Morton Hotel, it’s easy for you and your dog to fit right in. We’re located in the heart of the city’s bustle, where visitors are greeted with a friendly wave (or a pat on the head, depending on your species). From your first, locally-brewed coffee and crusty croissant of the day, to meandering the River Walk and grabbing an al fresco lunch nearby, the Hotel District of Grand Rapids feels like home away from home. Hit the town for dinner and drinks, or cozy up with your pup for a movie and take-out. Whatever your style, downtown GR is ready to welcome you like a local.

Hotel District Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids’ dining scene isn’t just growing, it’s exploding, thanks to dozens of new restaurants popping up in The Hotel District. Home-cookin’ restaurants,chef-driven restaurants, classic dining spots, steak-houses, ethnic eats and, of course, since this is Beer City USA we’ve created a dining scene that pairs the perfect beers with the perfect foods — like Napa, without the side-dish of hoity-toity.


Cities have a vibe. Grand Rapids’ vibe is all about what’s next. Which is why there’s always something going on: running, picnics, biking or angling along the Grand River, symphony, theatre, comedy, skating and dancing throughout The Hotel District, and a mix of music that keeps this city dancing to its own eclectic, electric beat, day and night.


Before the mega-mall standardized the shopping experience, there were places like this. Where walkers strolled the sidewalks stopping in unique shops, with in-between shops stops for coffee, a bite at a bakery, or a leisurely lunch or mid-day mimosa. And at the end of the day, a shopping bag with something in it that isn’t a known name-brand, something locally made and never before seen online, or a local treasure to commemorate your trip.

Arts and Culture

Enjoy a Broadway play... a night at the symphony... a leisurely stroll through an unbelievable art museum... nothing striking a chord yet? Then just take a stroll through the city for a look at our beautiful historic buildings, stop by a local art gallery, pop in one of a dozen music venues or order up a drink in one of our beautiful lobbies, rooftop terraces or river-side patios and Check out the city!

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