The Neoclassical Origins of Our Modern Puppy Haven

The Morton Hotel is located in the historic Hotel District of Downtown Grand Rapids. This pristine example of neoclassical architecture was originally designed by renowned Chicago architects Holabird & Roche and constructed in 1922 by Owen Ames Kimball. The first owner of The Morton Hotel was J. Boyd Pantlind, a local hotelier. Pantlind also owned the aptly named Pantlind Hotel, which is now part of The Amway Grand Plaza. In the early years, Kent State Bank occupied the main floor of The Morton Hotel building. Since then, the hotel has been restored several times and, most recently, was given an interior face lift with a mid-century twist. In 2021, we once again opened our doors to visitors, both human and canine!

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Photograph of a construction site on Ionia. Klingman's furniture store is visible on the far side of the site.;On front: "No. 7 Hotel Morton and Kent State Bank Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. Sept. 18, 1922 Holabird and Roche, Arch'ts. Builders"




Photography, Paper


Courtesy Of The Camera Shop

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